Grant Request Guidelines

A. Cover Letter

A one-page summary should be provided with your project request stating:

1. Purpose of the project
2. Funds requested
3. Requesting organization
4. Contact person with address and telephone number

B. Formal Proposal

Your proposal should include the following points:

1. General Overview
Provide background information, description of the specific need, and its potential benefit to Armenian youth in America.

2. Objective of the Project
The purpose or objective of the project needs to be carefully stated. As many of the following items as possible should be covered to assure completeness of the request.

a. Describe how the goals are to be achieved
b. Include methods and techniques to be employed
c. If capital improvement or purchase of equipment is involved, provide necessary technical information, e.g. quotes, bids, etc.
d. If funding is required for an ongoing project, describe the status of the project to date.

3. Funding

a. Total funds needed
b. A complete budget should be detailed projecting the overall expenses of the program. Include the following:

1) Maintenance
2) Installation
3) Supplies
4) Insurance

c. Identify other sources of funds for the project including:

1) Name of organization
2) Amount requested
3) Date submitted
4) Status

d. Identify date required for funding

4. Schedule Provide a complete schedule (with milestones) that you have established to achieve your goal.

5. Management Identify the responsible person who will play a key role.
Qualifications of that person and the management procedures or techniques to be used to monitor the project and evaluate its results are necessary.

6. Recognition of Armenian Youth Foundation Identify how you intend to provide appropriate recognition to the Armenian Youth Foundation on your project.


Proposals should be sent to:

Armenian Youth Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 701
Watertown, MA 02472-4416

or can alternatively be emailed to Mr. Michael Guzelian, Grant Committee Chairman at