What types of programs does the Foundation fund?
Cultural, educational, athletic, and camping organizations that are focused on Armenian-American youth programs.

The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. What does that mean?
This means that the Foundation is a corporation that has been granted non-profit,tax-exempt status which allows its contributors to make donations that they will be able to claim as charitable contributions.

What happens to donations made to the Foundation?
The Foundation preserves all donations in a capital fund which generates earnings that provide for all grant awards and operating expenses.

How much is currently in the Foundation’s Capital Fund?
As of our most recent year end financial statement, the fund exceeded $600,000.

How much, in total, has the Foundation granted?
The Foundation has granted over $400,000 to a variety of programs and projects. All of these funds were derived from investment returns from our capital fund without using the capital fund for any grant distributions.

What size grants are available?
This depends on the scale of the project and is decided by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Historically, annual grants have been awarded for programs that have ranged from $350 to $25,000. The Board has also awarded multi-year grants for projects of larger scope.

When is the deadline for grant requests?
We encourage all qualified organizations to obtain and submit grant requests to the Grants Committee before the annual July 31st deadline.

When are grant recipients announced?
Grant recipients will be announced during the calendar year’s fourth quarter.

I’d like more information on applying for a grant request. Who do I contact?
Find more information here or contact Mr. Kenneth Sarajian, Grant Committee Chairman at info@armenianyouthfoundation.org